What`s in Brexit Agreement

The Brexit agreement has been a point of significant discussion in recent times as the United Kingdom prepared to withdraw from the European Union. After years of negotiations, the agreement was finally reached at the end of 2020. In this article, we will be discussing what is included in the Brexit agreement.


The Brexit agreement primarily revolves around the UK’s future trading relationship with the EU. The agreement establishes a free trade agreement that allows for tariff-free trade between the UK and EU. This means that companies in the UK can trade with EU member countries without paying any tariffs or additional taxes. However, it should be noted that the agreement does include some checks and controls on products crossing borders, which can result in some extra costs.

Citizens Rights:

Another significant aspect of the Brexit agreement is the protection of citizens’ rights. This includes the rights of EU citizens residing in the UK and vice versa. The agreement guarantees that EU citizens living in the UK can continue to live, work, and study in the country, and vice versa. It also protects the right to access healthcare, pensions, and social security benefits.


The Brexit agreement also addresses various security concerns between the UK and the EU. The agreement establishes a framework for cooperation on law enforcement, criminal justice, and security issues. This includes information sharing on criminal records, cooperation on investigations, and extradition.


The Brexit agreement also covers the significant issues surrounding fishing rights. The agreement outlines how much fish each country will be allowed to catch in UK waters, and how this will be managed in the future. The agreement also specifies a five-and-a-half-year transition period where the UK will gradually take back control of its waters.


In conclusion, the Brexit agreement is a complex document that addresses a wide range of issues between the UK and EU. The agreement establishes a framework for future cooperation between the two entities in various areas, including trade, security, citizens’ rights, and fisheries. As the UK continues to navigate its departure from the EU, the Brexit agreement will undoubtedly be a vital document in the years to come.

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