Agreement Again

Agreement Again: How to Avoid Repetitive Phrasing in Your Writing

Have you ever found yourself using the same phrase over and over again in your writing? It`s easy to fall into the trap of repetitive phrasing, but it can weaken the impact of your words and make your content less engaging for readers. One common example of this is the phrase “agree again.” In this article, we`ll take a closer look at what this phrase means and provide tips for avoiding it in your writing.

What Does “Agree Again” Mean?

“Agree again” is a phrase used to describe a situation where two or more parties have already come to an agreement, but then confirm or re-acknowledge that agreement. It`s a redundant phrase – if an agreement has already been reached, there`s no need to “agree again.” However, this phrase has become somewhat of a shorthand in certain industries or settings, and it`s easy to slip into using it without thinking.

Why Is Repetitive Phrasing a Problem?

Using the same words or phrases repeatedly in your writing can be problematic for a few reasons. Firstly, it can make your content seem less informative or interesting. If readers see the same phrase over and over again, they may tune out or assume that you`re not providing any new information. Additionally, repetitive phrasing can make your writing appear less professional and polished. If you`re using the same phrase multiple times, it can seem like you`re not putting in the effort to craft your message carefully.

How Can You Avoid Using “Agree Again” in Your Writing?

The easiest way to avoid using “agree again” in your writing is simply to eliminate it from your vocabulary. Instead of saying “let`s agree again that…”, try phrasing your sentence differently. For example, you could say “as we discussed earlier, we`ve agreed to…” or “to reiterate our earlier agreement…” These phrases still convey the same information without relying on the repetitive and redundant “agree again.”

Another strategy for avoiding repetitive phrasing is to vary your sentence structure. If you find yourself using the same phrase repeatedly, try rephrasing your sentence in a different way. This can help keep your writing fresh and engaging for readers.


While “agree again” may seem like a harmless phrase, repetitive phrasing can detract from the impact of your writing. By eliminating this phrase from your writing and varying your sentence structure, you can keep your content engaging and professional. As a professional, I recommend taking the time to carefully craft your message and avoid relying on shorthand or repetitive phrasing. With a little effort, you can create content that resonates with readers and makes a lasting impact.

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